The ODDS Couple Debuts Friday on ESPN1000 Chicago

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The ODDS Couple Debuts Friday on ESPN1000 Chicago

Local Sports Radio Legend, Handicapper Mike North Joins Carmen DeFalco for Weekly, One-Hour Sports Betting Show


ESPN1000 Chicago will debut The ODDS Couple with host Carmen DeFalco and local sports radio legend and prominent handicapper Mike North on Friday, March 8.  The weekly one-hour program will air at 6 p.m. CT.

Jim Pastor, vice president and general manager of ESPN1000 Chicago, said, “As sports betting moves from the shadows to the spotlight, we expect to be a destination for those who participate and those who want to be entertained.  This isn’t only going to be about updated betting lines and hot tips. It’s about the highs, the lows and how to succeed and have fun whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a newcomer to sports betting.

“Those in betting circles already know of Mike’s incredible track record as a long-time gambling expert.  Bringing Mike back to Chicago’s airwaves to become a lead voice in local sports betting was too good to pass up.  Pairing him with ESPN1000’s resident gambling guru, Carmen DeFalco, was a no brainer.”

North, a Chicago native and longtime prominent and award-winning sports radio personality, added, “I started handicapping at age 14 and lost for 40 years, but haven’t had a losing year in the last five.  You are judged by your picks and wins, and that’s why this show will be number one.  I’ve always said gambling and winning is about believing and confidence.  Scared money has no home.”

DeFalco is co-host of ESPN1000 Chicago’s Carmen & Jurko, heard weekdays from noon – 2 p.m.

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