ESPN Adding More Popular Disney Sports Films to Programming Slate


ESPN Adding More Popular Disney Sports Films to Programming Slate

ESPN has added more Disney sports films to its programming schedule, beginning with “Cool Runnings” on Friday, May 29th at 8pm ET and continuing with Air Bud on Friday June 5 at 8pm ET. “Rookie of the Year,” “Angels in the Outfield,” and “The Mighty Ducks” will also air on ESPN, with their air dates to be announced at a later date.

“Cool Runnings”

Friday, May 29 at 8pm ET

Based on a true story, four Jamaican athletes go to extremes to compete as bobsled racers at the Winter Olympics. With virtually no clue about winter sports, it’s an uphill course for this troupe from the tropics as they go for the gold in Canada. After enlisting some professional help, it’s now up to a reluctant ex-champion American slider to bring a team of complete novices up to Olympic speed.

“Air Bud”

Friday, June 5 at 8pm ET

Diffident in the wake of his father’s death, high schooler Josh (Kevin Zegers) struggles to adapt to his new home in Washington state. That all changes, however, when he signs up to be the school basketball team’s manager and discovers that his pet dog Bud, a stray golden retriever he took in, can play the sport amazingly well. After Bud joins the team, Josh’s life brightens considerably, until the dog’s former owner Norm Snively (Michael Jeter) returns in hopes of reclaiming the pooch.

“Rookie of The Year”

When the cast comes off his once broken arm, a 12-year-old boy (Thomas Ian Nicholas) can throw a 100-mile-an-hour fastball, and the Chicago Cubs want him as their new pitcher!

“Angels In The Outfield”

Foster kid Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) loves the Anaheim Angels, even though they’re the worst team in the major leagues. His estranged dad promises to reunite the family if the Angels make it to the World Series, so Roger decides to ask for some divine help and prays that his favorite team will turn things around. Soon, a real angel named Al (Christopher Lloyd) shows up in response to Roger’s prayers, and Anaheim’s hopeless coach (Danny Glover) is shocked to see his team on a winning streak.

“The Mighty Ducks”

Emilio Estevez portrays a hotshot trial attorney who gets a unique community service assignment: coaching a hapless group of pee wee hockey players. Can he turn the worst team in the league into champs and face his personal demons along the way?

A full collection of sports-themed movies are available on Disney+, which is available to sports fans as part of a bundle offer that gives subscribers ESPN+ and Hulu (ad-supported) as well – all three for just $12.99/month.


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