X Games’ Latest Video Competition Real Moto Starts Today on XGames.com

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X Games’ Latest Video Competition Real Moto Starts Today on XGames.com

Full Real Moto Episode Airs September 20 on ESPN2

The fifth installment of the Real Series 2020, Real Moto, drops six never-before-seen video parts on XGames.com and YouTube today. This year’s Real Moto athletes are Vicki Golden, Colby Raha, Josh Hill, Corey Creed, Jackson Strong and Cody Webb. This year, the unspoken theme among Real Moto is firsts, and a number of new firsts for Real Moto are tackled, including: First No-Handed Frontflip by a woman in Real Moto (Golden), First Handrail Grind On A Dirt Bike in Real Moto (Raha), First Fakie Treeride in a Real Moto part (Webb), First Dirt-To-Dirt Frontflip in Real Moto, First Dirt-To-Dirt Over Airplane in Real Moto and First Dirt-To-Dirt Double Backflip in Real Moto (Strong). A full World of X Games episode will air Saturday, September 20 on ESPN2, featuring all six video parts, behind-the-scenes footage and athlete interviews. 

Four-time X Games gold medalist Vicki Golden becomes the first female FMX athlete to compete in Real Moto. Constantly pushing the sport of women’s motocross, Golden has competed against full male fields since 2013 when she became the first woman to compete in an FMX event at X Games. She is the first female motocross rider to win three consecutive X Games gold medals when she did so in Women’s MTX Racing in 2013. In 2019, Golden became the first female to backflip the moonbooter ramp on the Nitro Circus Tour and earned the record for riding through 13 wooden walls of fire during History Channel’s Evel Live 2.













Click Photo to View Teaser / Rider: Colby Raha

Now in its 11th year, the Real Series continues to showcase the top athletes in Real Ski, Real Snow, Real Street, Real BMX and Real Moto producing a video part in their own unique style. The 2020 slate of Real Series competitions began with Real Ski in March. Real Street kicked-off the summer slate in May, followed by Real BMX in August. The 2020 Real Series returns to the World of X Games content lineup on XGames.com, YouTube, ESPN2 and ABC.

In each Real Series competition, athletes and filmer/editors form two-person teams to produce a brand new video part in their own unique style. Each part debuts on XGames.com, where fans can watch and vote for their favorite video, and is celebrated across X Games social platforms. The competition culminates in a one-hour World of X Games episode featuring all of the contest’s video parts, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from a selection of the medalists and competitors.

The schedule and athlete lineup are subject to change. More details will be available on XGames.com for fans or ESPNPressRoom.com for members of the media. Follow @XGames on social media and join the conversation using #RealMoto.





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