X Games 2021 Day Four News and Results

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X Games 2021 Day Four News and Results

Bufoni Earns Fifth Gold in Women’s Skateboard Street; Jordan Wins First Gold in Men’s Skateboard Street; Foy Earns Silver in Men’s Skateboard Street and Wins Skateboard Street Best Trick

The final day of X Games 2021 competition wrapped up at the CA Training Facility on the Street course with Women’s Skateboard Street, Men’s Skateboard Street and Skateboard Street Best Trick.

Competition kicked off in the afternoon with Women’s Skateboard Street, where Leticia Bufoni earned her fifth gold and broke the record for most gold in Women’s Skateboard Street history. This also marked her 12th medal overall, tying snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis for third-most X Games medals by a woman. Bufoni entered her fourth run in silver medal position, before throwing down a backside feeble grind on A-frame rail, frontside tailslide to fakie down Hubba ledge, 360 flip up bank to flat, frontside feeble grind, backside lipslide down 6-stair handrail, backside ollie up Euro gap and frontside ollie 180 down 8-stair set to earn gold in the very last run of the competition. Samarria Brevard added her second X Games medal with silver and Poe Pinson took bronze in her second X Games appearance.

X Games Shanghai 2019 silver medalist Dashawn Jordan took his first X Games gold in Men’s Skateboard Street. Jordan started off strong in his first and ultimately best run, throwing down a frontside crooked grind, backside nosegrind up Hubba ledge, frontside shove-it lipslide to fakie, backside noseblunt slide on ledge, 360 flip to 50-50 down 6-stair rail, 180 to fakie nosegrind on small ledge and a Cab 270 lipslide. Jamie Foy, the Real Street 2019 bronze medalist, took silver and Ishod Wair, the most recent X Games gold medalist in the discipline, took bronze.

The final competition of the event, X Games 2021 wrapped up with Skateboard Street Best Trick. After taking silver just moments earlier, Jamie Foy came out with a gold medal thanks to a frontside crooked grind to shove-it in run three. He also landed an impressive 180 to switch backside feeble grind in run one.

In addition to all competitions from X Games 2021 being available on X Games YouTube and the ESPN App, fans can catch the best of X Games 2021 tomorrow from 1 to 6 p.m. ET on ABC. For more information on upcoming X Games content and events, please visit www.XGames.com. 


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Women’s Skateboard Street

1. Leticia Bufoni (BRA)

2. Samarria Brevard (USA)

3. Poe Pinson (USA)

4. Jenn Soto (USA)

5. Isabelly Avila (BRA)

6. Virginia Fortes (BRA)

7. Fabiana Delfino (USA)

8. Monica Torres (BRA)

9. Nika Washington (USA)

Gold – Leticia Bufoni

Silver – Samarria Brevard

Bronze – Poe Pinson

Men’s Skateboard Street

1. Dashawn Jordan (USA)

2. Jamie Foy (USA)

3. Ishod Wair (USA)

4. Tiago Lemos (BRA)

5. Alex Midler (USA)

6. Gabriel Fortunato (BRA)

7. Paul Rodriguez (USA)

8. Chris Joslin (USA)

9. Louie Lopez (USA)

Gold – Dashawn Jordan

Silver – Jamie Foy

Bronze – Ishod Wair

Skateboard Street Best Trick

Gold – Jamie Foy

Full Post-Competition Interviews with Medalists


The password for each interview is Xg4mes21!


Women’s Skateboard Street

Leticia Bufoni, Samarria Brevard, Poe Pinson


Men’s Skateboard Street & Skateboard Street Best Trick

Dashawn Jordan, Jamie Foy, Ishod Wair


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