Bettor Days with Mike Greenberg Season 2 Debuts Today Exclusively on ESPN+


Bettor Days with Mike Greenberg Season 2 Debuts Today Exclusively on ESPN+

All episodes of season two of Bettor Days with Mike Greenberg, a character-driven reenactment show bringing to life the true stories of unforgettable gambling adventures, are available to stream now, exclusively on ESPN+. The series uses in-depth interviews and dramatic, often comedic, reenactments to relive the wildest, saddest, funniest betting tales – and their unexpected repercussions.

“There is no shortage of emotional highs and lows once you start digging into the world of sports betting,” said Greenberg. “We had so much fun hearing from fans during season one of the show, and this next collection of episodes offers many crazy, often hilarious, sometimes touching, often hard-to-believe tales of people who took a gamble and ended up with a terrific story.”

Season Two – Episode Line Up:

  • Episode 1 – Monday Night Odyssey: Rob, a die-hard football fan and avid ancient history enthusiast, settles in with his new puppy for a Monday Night Football match-up between the Bears and Rams. An improbable line-up he selected on his daily fantasy app propels him to first place, and a shot at $1,000,000.
  • Episode 2 – Hip-Check Blues: Angie, a St. Louis native, lives for her hometown teams. While on a work trip to Vegas she places a few bets on her beloved Cardinals and St. Louis Blues. Her long shot wagers take her on a season long journey through ups, downs, and even hip surgery.
  • Episode 3 – Falcons & Waffles: Michael finishes in last place in his fantasy football league after stacking his roster with players from his favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons. Now his friends are making him pay up. Hopefully he has the appetite to endure the challenge.
  • Episode 4 – Fear & Footy in Las Vegas: While on a trip to Vegas with friends, Bryson puts down $2500 on Manchester United. A mysterious man enters the sportsbook and Bryson’s bet takes an unfortunate turn from winning some cash to absolute trash.
  • Episode 5 – Gelato with a Kick: Mike, who owns a Gelato shop, and his best friend Chris make an outrageous in-game bet that wins them $56,000 when Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McMannus hits a game-winning field goal, but their sweet victory melts away the very next day..
  • Episode 6 – Just Win Brady!: Figgy had never gambled in his life, but after the Patriots defeat his beloved Raiders in the infamous Tuck Rule game, he places a series of bets on then little-known quarterback Tom Brady, in the hopes of winning $30,000.
  • Episode 7 – A is for Astros: Vinnie is a pre-school teacher, comedian and an avid Houston Astros fan. After he makes a mistake while placing a bet on his favorite team, Vinnie realizes that he needs to learn his lesson or become the punchline of a miscalculated wager.
  • Episode 8 – Max Madness: Max organizes a March Madness bracket pool with his friends. The problem? He’s 12 years-old. After getting caught the whole country learns of Max’s story, and even Jimmy Kimmel wants to hear from the “5th Grade Bookie.”

Bettor Days is produced by ESPN+, Evolve Studios and Stacy Productions, Greenberg’s production company. The series is executive produced by Brian Lockhart, Lindsey Rovegno and Brian Hyland, and produced by Torey Champagne.

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