X Games Day Four News and Results

X Games

X Games Day Four News and Results

X Games Day Four News and Results

Day four of X Games continued with live coverage at the California Training Facility (CATF). The venue was host to two Skateboard disciplines and three BMX on Saturday.

The second day at the CATF, last summer’s X Games gold medalist, Sky Brown, took the first gold medal of the day in Women’s Skateboard Park. Brown claimed first after her second run, which included a frontside 360 over the box, frontside stale air in the deep end, alley-oop over the gap, backside air, backside lipslide, frontside Ollie transfer, invert, kickflip Indy over the box, crail, backside Smith, nosegrab 540 on the hip, Smith grind to frontside 540. This marks Sky’s third X Games medal and she becomes the second athlete to win two X Games gold medals before the age of 15. X Games Chiba Park gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi took silver and Cocona Hiraki rounded off the podium with bronze.

During the final run of the BMX Park competition, 10-time X Games medalist Logan Martin won his fourth-consecutive gold in the discipline. Martin nearly missed the competition after his bike, gear and luggage were stolen from the trunk of his rental car, but thanks to a friend who brought a bike from home, Logan was able to impress the judges late in the competition. Gold was achieved in his final run with an impressive performance including a triple tailwhip transfer, barspin wallride to barspin out, no hander to barspin, opposite downside double whip, 720 barspin, barspin, flair tailwhip (high) no hander, downside tailwhip pocket air, backflip tailwhip, tailwhip to barspin, barrel roll over the spine, 540 flair. X Games Chiba 2022 BMX Park silver medalist Justin Dowell defended his second-place rank, earning silver once again. 11-time X Games medalist Dennis Enarson took bronze, respectively.

On his final run, X Games veteran Shane O’Neill won his first X Games gold medal in Men’s Skateboard Street. This marks O’Neill’s first podium since X Games Sydney in 2018 and third X Games medal overall. The gold medal run included a bigspin frontside boardslide, 360 flip up Euro gap, nollie heelflip backside lipslide on the 5-stair rail, switch bigflip frontside boardslide to fakie, nollie frontside heelflip up Euro gap, nollie backside heelflip down the 8-stair set.

­French skater Vince Milou earned his first-ever X Games medal – silver – since his rookie debut  in 2018, marking his fifth Street appearance. Four-time X Games medalist Yuto Horigome of Japan was unable to defend his X Games Chiba gold medal from this past April, settling for bronze.

After recently being reintroduced at X Games Minneapolis in 2019 following a 16-year hiatus, Skateboard Street Best Trick returned to Southern California. The U.S. swept the podium with Jamie Foy taking his second-consecutive gold in Skateboard Street Best Trick with a fakie kickflip over to switch crooked grind in his eighth attempt. Nyjah Huston took silver on his first attempt with a cab kickflip backside lipslide after previously winning gold in the 2020 World of X Games Real Street Best Trick competition. Dashawn Jordan – last year’s X Games 2021 Skateboard Street gold medalist – took bronze with his second-attempt trick, a nollie inward heelflip frontside boardslide.

In the final competition of the day, riders threw down for the Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick. Mike Varga earned his third-consecutive Park Best Trick gold with a 900 barspin-catch-barspin. Three-time gold medalist Kevin Peraza’s flair tailwhip lands fakie over the spine was good enough for silver, while Jeremy Malott rounded off the podium with a flair to fake on the deck to backflip into the bowl.

X Games action continues live from the California Training Facility this Sunday. All competitions will be televised on ABC and streamed live on ESPN+. The events will also be available on @XGames YouTube on demand. X Games content will also be presented across the globe through international syndication partners.

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Women’s Skateboard Park

  1. Sky Brown (GBR)
  2. Sakura Yosozumi (JPN)
  3. Cocona Hiraki (JPN)
  4. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
  5. Minna Stess (USA)
  6. Mami Tezuka (JPN)
  7. Ruby Lilley (USA)
  8. Lizzie Armanto (FIN)
  9. Yurin Fujii (JPN)
  10. Kisa Nakamura (JPN)


Gold – Sky Brown

Silver – Sakura Yosozumi

Bronze – Cocona Hiraki


BMX Park

  1. Logan Martin (AUS)
  2. Justin Dowell (USA)
  3. Dennis Enarson (USA)
  4. Kevin Peraza (MEX)
  5. Rim Nakamura (JPN)
  6. Jose Torres (ARG)
  7. Ben Wallace (GBR)
  8. Declan Brooks (GBR)
  9. Jeremy Malott (USA)
  10. Daniel Sandoval (USA)

Gold – Logan Martin

Silver – Justin Dowell

Bronze – Dennis Enarson


Men’s Skateboard Street

  1. Shane O’Neill (AUS)
  2. Vincent Milou (FRA)
  3. Yuto Horigome (JPN)
  4. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
  5. Nyjah Huston (USA)
  6. Mark Suciu (USA)
  7. Jamie Foy (USA)
  8. Ishod Wair (USA)
  9. Dashawn Jordan (USA)
  10. Carlos Ribeiro (BRA)

Gold – Shane O’Neill

Silver – Vincent Milou

Bronze – Yuto Horigome


Skateboard Street Best Trick

  1. Jamie Foy (USA)
  2. Nyjah Huston (USA)
  3. Dashawn Jordan (USA)
  4. Mark Suciu (USA)
  5. Felipe Nunes (BRA)
  6. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
  7. Vincent Milou (FRA)
  8. Yuto Horigome (JPN)
  9. Carlos Ribeiro (BRA)

Gold – Jamie Foy (USA)

Silver – Nyjah Huston (USA)

Bronze – Dashawn Jordan (USA)


Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick

  1. Mike Varga (CAN)
  2. Kevin Peraza (MEX)
  3. Jeremy Malott (USA)
  4. Justin Dowell (USA)
  5. Daniel Sandoval (USA)
  6. Logan Martin (AUS)
  7. Ryan Williams (AUS)
  8. Rim Nakamura (JPN)

Gold – Mike Varga

Silver – Kevin Peraza

Bronze – Jeremy Malott

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