ESPN Becomes Most-Followed Brand on TikTok

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ESPN Becomes Most-Followed Brand on TikTok

Major Milestone Achieved with 41 million Followers

ESPN has officially secured its position as the #1 most-followed brand on TikTok, not just in sports, but across any genre or brand, amassing an impressive 41 million followers. This remarkable achievement underscores ESPN’s commitment to engaging with sports enthusiasts through innovative and entertaining content, tailored to each specific platform.

With its philosophy of accessibility, diversity and audience engagement, ESPN on TikTok has become part of sports fans’ daily diet. From in-game highlights to behind-the-scenes moments and user-generated fun, ESPN’s presence on TikTok has made an enormous impact, surpassing Paris Saint-Germain to become the most followed brand on the platform.

Omar Raja, ESPN Talent & Social Strategist, said, “It’s exciting to see how we’ve been able to successfully connect with the next generation of sports fans. This milestone represents a longstanding goal we set four years ago, and we’re only going up from here.”

VP of ESPN Social Kaitee Daley added, “ESPN’s content offering is not one-size-fits-all and we’re committed to serving our audience by offering a smart blend of entertainment, information, heart, and humor.”

This milestone reflects ESPN’s ongoing focus to expand its audience, including the next generation of sports fans. The brand’s rise to the #1 position not only showcases its influence but also demonstrates the power of sports.

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