Chipotle Named Title Sponsor of the High School Basketball Nationals – “Chipotle Nationals” Full Tournament to Air Live Across ESPN Platforms, April 4-6

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Chipotle Named Title Sponsor of the High School Basketball Nationals – “Chipotle Nationals” Full Tournament to Air Live Across ESPN Platforms, April 4-6

  • Fourteen SCNext Top 25 ranked teams to participate, including eight of the top 10 Boys teams and six of the top 15 Girls teams

Chipotle has been named title sponsor of the High School Basketball Nationals, now called Chipotle Nationals. The 15th annual tournament features the best high school basketball teams in the country competing in post-season play. The Chipotle Nationals will also have a new home in 2024, taking place at Brownsburg High School near Indianapolis, Ind., from April 4-6. All 12 games will be available across ESPN platforms, and all 14 teams in the boys’ and girls’ fields are ranked in the SCNext Top 25. All eight boys teams are ranked in the Top 10, including the top six ranked teams in the country. All six girls teams are ranked in the Top 15 nationally.

The tournament will showcase 37 ESPN ranked boys players and 19 espnW girls players, including 16 total McDonald’s All-Americans.

The three-day tournament begins Thursday, April 4 with the girls’ opening round and boys’ quarterfinals starting at 10 a.m. ET on ESPNU. The girls’ and boys’ semifinals are set for Friday, April 5, at 10:30 a.m. on ESPNU. The tournament culminates on Saturday, April 6, with the girls’ championship at 10 a.m. on ESPN and the boys’ championship at noon on ESPN2. Ted Emrich and Paul Biancardi will call the boys’ tournament while Matt Schick and Brooke Weisbrod will announce the girls’ tournament.

“Chipotle Nationals is the premier high school basketball tournament in the nation,” said Paul Biancardi, ESPN National Recruiting Director. “With an exceptional showcase of talent, it serves as a platform for the country’s most elite teams to compete for a championship. The tournament’s rosters are filled with future college stars and potential NBA draft lottery picks.  The intensity and excitement surrounding Chipotle Nationals make it the ultimate destination for fans in the state of Indiana to witness the crowning of a champion among the nation’s best teams.”

2024 Chipotle High School Basketball Nationals Schedule

Date Time (ET) Matchup Platform
Thu, April 4 10 a.m. Girls’ Opening Round
No. 15 Grace Christian School (N.C) vs. No. 6 IMG Academy (Fla.)
  Noon Girls Opening Round
No. 12 Sidwell Friends School (D.C) vs. No. 7 Montverde Academy (Fla.)
  2 p.m. Boys’ Quarterfinal 1
No. 10 IMG Academy (Fla.) vs. No. 3 Paul VI Catholic HS (Va.)
  4 p.m. Boys’ Quarterfinal 2
No. 4 Columbus HS (Fla.) vs. No. 2 Long Island Lutheran HS (N.Y.)
  6 p.m. Boys’ Quarterfinal 3
No. 6 Link Academy (Mo.) vs. No. 5 Prolific Prep (Calif.)
  8 p.m. Boys’ Quarterfinal 4
No. 8 AZ Compass Prep (Ariz.) vs. No. 1 Montverde Academy (Fla.)
Fri, April 5 10:30 a.m. Girls’ Semifinal 1 ESPNU
  12:30 p.m. Girls’ Semifinal 2 ESPNU
  2:30 p.m. Boys’ Semifinal 1 ESPN2
  4:30 p.m. Boys’ Semifinal 2 ESPN2
Sat, Apr 6 10 a.m. Girls’ Championship Game ESPN
  Noon Boys’ Championship Game ESPN2

2024 Chipotle Nationals Participating Boys Teams:
Boys team rankings are from the SCNext Top 25
Boys player rankings are from the ESPN 100 (class of 2024), ESPN 60 (class of 2025) and ESPN 25 (class of 2026) 

Montverde Academy (Fla.) 30-0, SCNext No. 1
Tournament History: 13th appearance, Champion in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021 & 2022
Coach: Kevin Boyle
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 1 Cooper Flagg (Duke), No. 10 Derik Queen (Maryland), No. 11 Liam McNeeley, No. 12 Asa Newell (Georgia), No. 25 Robert Wright III (Baylor), No. 51 Curtis Givens (LSU); No. 23 sophomore Caleb Gaskins

Long Island Lutheran High School (N.Y.) 21-4, SCNext No. 2
Tournament History: Second appearance
Coach: John Buck
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 4 V.J. Edgecombe (Baylor); No. 45 junior Kiyan Anthony, No. 52 junior Alier Maluk (FSU); No. 20 sophomore Dylan Mingo

St. Paul VI Catholic High School (Va.) 33-2, SCNext No. 3
Tournament History: Second appearance
Coach: Glenn Farello
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 18 Pat Ngongba (Duke), No. 37 Darren Harris (Duke), No. 85 Isaiah Abraham (UConn); No. 9 junior Jordan Smith

Christopher Columbus High School (Fla.) 27-4, SCNext No. 4
Tournament History: First appearance
Coach: Andrew Moran
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 23 Jase Richardson; No. 2 junior Cameron Boozer, No. 14 junior Cayden Boozer

Link Academy (Mo.) 25-6, SCNext No. 5
Tournament History: Third appearance, Champion in 2023 (Runner-up in 2022)
Coach: Bill Armstrong
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 5 Tre Johnson (Texas), No. 30 Labaron Philon (Kansas), No. 47 Jalen Shelley (Arkansas), No. 65 James Brown (UNC); No. 8 junior Jasper Johnson;

Prolific Prep (Calif.) 31-5, SC Next No. 6
Tournament History: Fourth appearance
Coach: Ryan Bernardi
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 8 Derrion Reid (Alabama), No. 21 Aiden Sherrell (Alabama), No. 29 Zoom Diallo (Washington), No. 93 Mikey Lewis (St. Mary’s); No. 1 junior A.J. Dybantsa; No. 1 sophomore Tyran Stokes

AZ Compass Prep (Ariz.) 27-5, SCNext No. 8
Tournament History: Fourth appearance (Runner-Up in 2023)
Coach: Pete Kaffey
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 41 Vyctorius Miller (Oregon), No. 87 Sammie Yeanay (ASU); No. 16 junior Jeremiah Fears (Illinois)

IMG Academy (Fla.) 18-8, SCNext No. 10
Tournament History: Sixth appearance, Champion in 2019
Coach: Sean McAloon
ESPN Ranked Players: No. 19 Donavan Freeman (Syracuse), No. 33 Khani Rooths (Michigan), No. 86 Cole Certa (Notre Dame), No. 98 Chase McCarty (Houston); No. 10 junior Darius Acuff

2024 Chipotle Nationals Participating Girls Teams:
Girls team rankings are per the SC Next Top 25

Girls player rankings are per the espnW 100 (class of 2024), espnW Super 60 (class of 2025), espnW Terrific 25 (class of 2026) and espnW Watchlist (class of 2027)

Long Island Lutheran High School (N.Y.) 21-1, SCNext No. 1
Tournament History: Second appearance (Runner-up in 2023)
Coach: Christina Raiti
espnW Ranked Players: No. 5 Kateryna Koval (Notre Dame), No. 11 Syla Swords (Michigan), No. 28 Kayleigh Heckel (USC); No. 13 sophomore Savvy Swords

Grayson High School (Ga.) 32-0, SCNext No. 5
Tournament History: First appearance
Coach: Tim Slater
espnW Ranked Players: No. 48 Danielle Carnegie (Georgia Tech) 

IMG Academy (Fla.) 23-3, SCNext No. 6
Tournament History: Second appearance
Coach: Frank Oliver Jr.
espnW Ranked Players: No. 25 Tajianna Avant-Roberts (Louisville), No. 31 Leah Harmon (Miami), No. 57 Tayla Thomas (Northwestern); No. 11 junior Deniya Prawl, No. 23 junior Kelis Fisher (UConn)

Montverde Academy (Fla.) 21-4, SCNext No. 7
Tournament History: Third appearance, Champion in 2022 & 2023
Head coach: Matt Shewmake
espnW Ranked Players: No. 3 Jaloni Cambridge (Ohio State), No. 34 Eris Lester (Alabama), No. 47 Vivian Iwuchukwu (USC); No. 41 junior Holland Harris; freshman Finley Chastain (Tennessee)

Sidwell Friends School (D.C.) 25-6, SCNext No. 12
Tournament History: First appearance
Coach: Tamika Dudley
espnW Ranked Players: No. 14 Kendall Dudley (UCLA), No. 27 Zania Socka-Nguemen (UCLA); No. 4 sophomore Jordyn Jackson

Grace Christian School (N.C) 30-0, SCNext No. 15
Tournament History: First appearance
Coach: Chad Revelle
Key Players: No. 1 Sarah Strong

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