Kiley McDaniel

Kiley McDaniel

MLB Insider

Kiley McDaniel joined ESPN in 2020 as an MLB Insider, covering a wide range of topics, including prospects, the draft, free agency and more. His content appears regularly on, including analysis exclusive for ESPN+ subscribers.

McDaniel began working with MLB clubs in 2005, scouting and working in the front office in various roles. He has worked with multiple teams throughout his career, including the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves.

He was a writer for ESPN in 2012 and most recently was an analyst primarily covering prospects for FanGraphs.

In April 2020, McDaniel released his first book, Future Value: The Battle for Baseball’s Soul and How Teams Will Find the Next Superstar, co-authored with FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen.



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